Barcelona venue conducts concert experiment after same-day COVID-19 tests – Dancing Astronaut

An experiment based on same-day COVID-19 screening was conducted in Barcelona on December 12, as infection disease experts and event promoters test new approaches for live concerts and cultural events.

The study took place at Barcelona’s Apolo Theater, where 500 volunteering participants who’d previously passed an antigen test were invited to a five-hour event. The use of the antigen test is a central focus of this study, as the Associated Press reports, and while the test returns results within 15 minutes, it lacks the confidence and accuracy of other types of tests that take hours or days to turn around.

Although attendees needed to pass the antigen test to participate in the study, masks were still enforced at the event. Dr. Boris Rovello, who was behind the study’s design, explained that antigen screening wasn’t a substitute for face masks, but served as an additional measure in the big picture of ensuring safe outings from concerts to business events. However, it is worth noting that in a bid to emulate real world scenarios, social distancing at the event was not enforced.

Results of the experiment likely won’t be available for another several weeks, but positive results just might paint a light at the end of the tunnel heading into 2021.

Via: Associated Press

Featured image: Lindrik/Getty Images/iStockphoto