Biggie Babylon Holds It Down With Music Video For “Bulletproof Love”

San Diego-based artist Biggie Babylon releases a music video for “Bulletproof Love.”

Biggie Babylon has been dropping showstoppers left and right and pushing his musical talents to the brim. “All In” is a true representation of his determination and perseverance as the artist calls on his listeners to join in on the success. Speaking about the track, the artist said “The message I want to get across with “All In” is that you can’t just come in and buy your way into success.  If you really want to win you have to risk everything you have. Then, and then only, can you really win.”

Babylon supports a balanced pop-rap sound matched with vicious lyrics that truly boasts his talents under the spotlight. His new album is stuffed with well-rounded tracks that allow him the right stage to shine.

“Bulletproof Love” describes a soft romance of lyrics and visuals packed with hot vocals and scenes.

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