Bleu Clair turns pair of ‘BLEUPRINT’ IDs into two-sided Insomniac Records EP, ‘Samsara / Hangover’

Bleu Clair is back again. At the end of March, the former Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch took to Instagram to gauge follower thoughts on a slew of new IDs, many of which he’d introduced a month earlier in the seventh installment of his BLEUPRINT mix series. And just 24 hours removed from disclosing that he’d be making his third consecutive trip to Nevada for EDC Las Vegas this May, he paired the news with the announce that a pair of his most sought-after cuts in the ID bank would be set free through Insomniac Records the following week.

“Samsara” and “Hangover” join “Step Into It” as Bleu Clair’s second and third additions to his 2023 musical record. And the double-wielded package calls back to that forenamed 30-minute BLEUPRINT edition from February, with both the globally inspired EP’s tribal-laced A-side and Portuguese-sampled B-side decisively padding his stance as one of house music’s most originative minds for the nth time. As he counts down to both EDC Las Vegas and Tomorrowland in the coming months, stream “Samsara” and Hangover” below.

Featured image: Eric Cunningham