Burning Man auctioning art, vehicles, and other effects to offset financial burdens

Burning Man is teaming up with Sotheby’s in order to auction off art, sculptures, and other works associated with the beloved desert festival. The auction aims to help raise funds in order for the non-profit event to remain afloat after having to cancel its 2020 and 2021 editions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Bidding for items will continue until October 8, with artworks featured at the festival and experiences such as stilt walking lessons currently being offered. Sotheby’s is supporting the festival by waiving some of its fees in order to help out with the auction, and a number of artists have donated their work either for free, or for only a small portion of the proceeds. Fab 5 Freddy initially raised his concerns for Burning Man’s future to Sotheby’s CEO, Charles F. Stewart, which launched the idea to host an auction.

The festival is reported to have lost 90% of its annual revenue due to the cancelations. Donors in 2020 were able to allow the festival to maintain all of its year-round staff, and the auction hopes to be able to allow Burning Man to float on until they can return in 2022.

Via: Billboard

Featured image: Bob Wick