Calvin Harris discloses near-death experience from heart complication in 2014 – Mix Session

Simply put, Calvin Harris held an inconceivable standing throughout his ‘Motion‘ campaign in 2014. The wheels for what would be his second consecutive chart-topping LP had already been well underway, erupting into the new year fresh off his release of ” Under Control” and continuing to outdo himself at the peak of the charts with the likes of both “Summer” and “Blame.”

However, it wasn’t purely bliss for the 30-year old at the time, as he was unexpectedly forced to pull out from MTV’s Electronic Music Awards at the last second. In his absence, Harris put out a statement saying “No EMAs for me this weekend. Got some heart problems. Heading home to see if it can be fixed x,” although the severity of the complication had been unknown at the time. It was later disclosed the Scottish producer was diagnosed with arrhythmia, defined as an irregular heartbeat, which resulted in other appearance cancellations throughout that year and paved the way behind his pathway to sobriety.

In response to a recent video of his mind-numbing display at EDC Las Vegas’ circuitGROUNDS stage in 2014 posted on Mix Session‘s Twitter account, Harris reflected on the historic run and revealed that his heart condition in fact caused a trip to the hospital where he suffered a near-death experience.

Featured image: Conor McDonnell