Calvin Harris hands in new twofer EP as Love Regenerator alongside Solardo, ‘Rollercoaster’

Calvin Harris has opted to deliver most of his Love Regenerator material across EP releases. The producer has released his fifth EP and second collaborative work under the Love Regenerator project in just under two years. Rollercoaster is a two-track collaborative body of work with British duo Solardo featuring title track “Rollercoaster” in addition to “All of a Sudden.”

“Rollercoaster” pushes a 70s disco atmosphere, production elements coming together in a balanced blend of floor-ready dance appeal. “All of a Sudden” is similarly high energy with steady, propulsive synthwork from front to back.

The artists have also put out the music video for “Rollercoaster,” offering an onomatopoetic visual to the collection’s titular track. See the video for “Rollercoaster” and hear Solardo and Love Regenerator’s new EP in full below.

Featured Image: Rukes