'COVID-safe' music venue, One Night Records, opening in London

As countries begin efforts to bring back a sense of normalcy, London will see its first socially distanced music venue with the opening of One Night Records.

According to its website, One Night Records is “the world’s first immersive music venue,” where every night will have varied artists, genres, and experiences. The first event series titled “Lockdown Town,” will take attendees on a journey through time, stemming from 1950s-era rock ‘n’ roll, traditional jazz, country and western, with some added ragtime and “Spanish Flu” thrown into the mix. Beginning Oct. 2 and recurring through Dec. 31, the series is set to feature local talent as a “specially curated dance through time.”

The venue will limit attendees to groups of four (friends or family members) with staggered arrival times. Masks are required at all times, and the venue will incorporate social distancing practices with increased ventilation. The venue will also feature a “drive-thru mechanic” for food and drinks to avoid a communal bar area and provide sanitizer with staff encouraging “respiratory etiquette” such as coughs and sneezing. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here.

London isn’t the only city bringing back live events, as Live Nation will take steps to promote for 500-capacity events in Finland and Denmark, along with New Zealand fully reopening events with contact tracing.