Daft Punk streams spike by approximately 500%, album sales by 2,650% amid news of duo's disbandment

The Internet has reacted vehemently to the news of Daft Punk‘s split, first confirmed by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo‘s publicist, Kathryn Frazier, on February 22. In the wake of an announcement that arrested the dance music community, streams of Daft Punk’s catalog spiked by nearly 500% on February 22 compared to February 21. Song sales rose by 1,335% and digital album sales, by 2,650%, according to analytics from Alpha Data.

Daft Punk’s sophomore LP, Discovery, dominated digital album sales and audio streams on February 22. The album’s streams were up 429% compared with the day before (1.5 million streams, February 22). Its digital album sales arched by more than 8,000%.

After Discovery, Random Access Memories (600% in streams), Homework (714%), Alive 2007 (294%), and TRON: Legacy (360%) were the next five most popular albums by streaming accounts on February 22, with each long-form project enjoying a substantial jump in on-demand streams. The duo’s most-streamed songs on February 22 were “Get Lucky” (180%), “One More Time” (368%), “Harder Better Faster Stronger” (418%), “Around the World” (381%), and “Instant Crush” (392%).

On February 22, an estimated 459,334 people streamed Daft Punk for the very first time on Spotify. Watch “Epilogue,” Daft Punk’s eight-minute video announcing their retirement, here.

Via: Rolling Stone

Featured image: Daniel Boczarski