David Bowie's legendary 'Earthling' live shows hitting streaming platforms

One of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, rock legend David Bowie continues to live on through his music. Now, listeners will be able to stream something a bit more personal: live recordings of twelve performances from Bowie’s Earthling Tour, as well as two special bonus tracks. was previously only available to BowieNet subscribers, but as of May 15, will be streamable on all major platforms.

The live album features a collection of live recordings from performances in New York, Amsterdam, Rio De Janeiro, and the UK during the Earthling Tour in 1997. Also included are bonus tracks “Pallas Athena” from Black Tie White Noise, and “V-2 Schneider” from Heroes. These two bonus live cuts were previously released as a vinyl record under Bowie’s code name for unannounced shows The Tao Jones Index. Keep an eye out for this special piece of music history, available May 15. Tracklist:

“I’m Afraid of Americans” (Radio City Music Hall New York, October 15, 1997)
“The Hearts Filthy Lesson” (Long Marston, Phoenix Festival, July 18, 1997)
“I’m Deranged” (Amsterdam, Paradiso, June 10, 1997)
“Hallo Spaceboy” (Rio de Janeiro, Metropolitan, November 2, 1997)
“Telling Lies” (Amsterdam, Paradiso, June 10, 1997)
“The Motel” (Amsterdam, Paradiso, June 10, 1997)
“The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)” (Rio de Janeiro, Metropolitan, November 2 , 1997)
“Battle for Britain (The Letter)” (Radio City Music Hall New York, October 15, 1997
“Seven Years in Tibet” (Radio City Music Hall New York, October 15, 1997)
“Little Wonder” (Radio City Music Hall New York, October 15, 1997)
“Pallas Athena” (Amsterdam, Paradiso, June 10, 1997)
“V-2 Schneider” (Amsterdam, Paradiso, June 10, 1997)