deadmau5 planned to debut a new album at Coachella this year

Most artists slated to perform at the  Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival surprise the audience members who assemble at their stage with an unexpected guest. deadmau5 had something a little bigger in mind: an album.

“My whole summer program was set to be my biggest year,” deadmau5 told the Niagara Falls Review. “We had a record to debut at Coachella, and then the whole house of cards fell down and we were like, ‘Wow, nice timing. You couldn’t wait six months?’”

In a recent interview, the mau5trap label head bemoaned coronavirus’ untimely arrival and Coachella’s subsequent postponement due to health concerns related to the novel respiratory illness.

An album, which is said to be led by the Neptunes-assisted “Pomegranate,” wasn’t the only trick deadmau5 had up his sleeve for the 2020 festival season. Outfitted with an updated version of his tech marvel, the lauded Cube rig, deadmau5’s production included a brand new stage show that was originally scheduled to travel across Europe, Asia, and North America after debuting at Creamfields in the United Kingdom in August 2019.

Although the inability to tour the stage production in full is an unforeseen hardship for deadmau5 and company, the producer is attuned to the silver lining in the delay: “We were fortunate to set that precedent so we’re not not knowing what to do when we’re allowed to go out again.” With touring and live performances suspended for the foreseeable future, deadmau5 explained that he is focusing his attention on keeping mau5trap and its team afloat.

“Times are changing but [there’s] no sense [in] crying about it. It’s just [about] finding new ways to keep established and keep a business moving. We have over 27 employees that count on the company and the decisions we make to keep them employed.”

H/T: Niagara Falls Review

Featured image: Matt Barnes