Devault, Griff Clawson reconvene for third all-time collaboration, ‘Get To You’

Live from 1720 Warehouse in Los Angeles’ Fashion District, on January 13, Devault debuted what marks his and Griff Clawson’s third all-time collaboration, “Get To You.” Surrounded by attendees, thanks to a 360-degree stage arrangement in the Boiler Room style that’s been all the rage among live events of late, Devault premiered the successor to his and Clawson’s earlier singles, “Leave Me Low” and “You and Me Now.” Now, after a brief preview period, “Get To You” transitions from lusted-after ID to official single.

The mellifluous ebb and flow of Devault and Clawson’s latest is a wispy, ethereal meeting of the musical minds that underscores their nearly palpable synergy. Multiple collaborations made among the same artists are a potent reflection of the magic that exists between creatives, and “Get To You” isn’t a confirmation of their complementary techniques, but rather a polished flex of it.

See Devault’s stint at 1720 Warehouse and stream “Get To You” below.

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Featured image: @ericdew/Instagram