Diplo makes big screen debut in 'The High Note'

It’s no secret that Diplo‘s career spans the entertainment spectrum. Being a DJ/producer with multiple side projects—one of which just released its debut country album—and label boss on the music side, while also endorsing a TV miniseries entitled “What Would Diplo Do?” on Vicetone. However, he’s finally brought his face (not James Van Der Beek’s) to the big screen, announcing his cameo in “The High Note.”

Out May 29 on demand via Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play, and more, the film engulfs the Los Angeles music scene, starring Tracie Ellis Ross as a superstar musician alongside Dakota Johnson, Ice Cube, and more. Diplo plays a producer named Richie Williams, and gave Twitter a glimpse of the blinged-out persona:

Additionally, “Diplo Presents: Thomas Wesley Chapter 1: Snake Oil,” is out now, featuring country and pop stars alike including Thomas Rhett, Zac Brown, Noah Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, and more. Fans can also tune into his weekly live streams including “The Thomas Wesley Show” and “Coronight Fever” with Dillon Francis via his YouTube page.

Featured image: Sansho Scott