Dua Lipa heads PUMA's women's empowerment campaign, 'She Moves Us'

On March 1, PUMA unveiled their new campaign’s theme designed to inspire and acknowledge powerful women in their ambassador network. Empoweringly titled “She Moves Us,” PUMA has enlisted pop icon Dua Lipa to spearhead the movement. Throughout 2021, Lipa, alongside a plethora of other women, will be featured in videos and interviews.

The campaign’s video debut features Lipa posing in an assortment of fashionable PUMA products alongside Winnie Harlow, June Ambrose, Nicole McLaughlin, and more, soundtracked to the star’s iconic single “Electricity.” A partnership with global women’s fund Women Win, which effectively advocates for gender equality through sports and athletics, “She Moves Us” will dive into the background of each featured ambassador, giving them a platform to discuss the obstacles they overcame to achieve success, and the inspiration for their goals.

Watch “She Moves Us” launch video below.

Featured image: Xavi Torrent/Wireimage/Getty Images