Elon Musk fulfills Twitter promise, throws rave at Tesla’s Berlin-based GigaFactory

It all started with a tweet.

Last March Elon Musk inconspicuously asked his Twitter followers if he should have a “mega rave cave” under Tesla’s then-pending Berlin GigaFactory. Lo and behold, just over 18 months later, Musk’s Berlin Giga Factory has thrown their first official rave.

Coined GigaFest, the event welcomed nearly 9,000 visitors to Tesla’s newly minted grounds for the auto-maker’s first foray into the live festival experience. Live DJs (including the famed Boris Brejcha), food trucks, a ferris wheel, and of course, Tesla Accelerator ride-alongs were all up for grabs, as Musk showed once again that even the craziest of Twitter pipe dreams can become a raving reality.

The GigaFactory is set as Tesla’s first European based location, but is waiting on its final permits before opening its doors to nearly 8,000 employees.

Featured image: Liesa Johannssen-Koppitz