Fells expands on electronic rock with debut EP ‘Muted Blue’

Fells continues to push the boundaries of electronic rock in ways like few before him. A classically trained pianist and experienced guitarist, Fells grew up inspired by pop-punk artists like All Time Low, The Maine and Linkin Park. That soon gave way to an undying love for electronic music when he was exposed to the likes of ILLENIUM, Said The Sky, Dabin and more dynamic names in the dance-pop domain. His dual dedication for both rock and dance music is loud and clear on his biggest project to date Muted Blue.

The six-track EP is a cogent embodiment of the symmetry between the worlds of electronic music and rock. Organic guitar and percussion wash over swirling synths and euphoric melodies. The Lowly-backed EP feels nostalgic and forward-thinking all the same, a difficult balance pulled off expertly by the Washington, D.C. native. It further cements Fells as an artist on the rise, and one rightfully garnering the attention of some of the biggest names in the scene including his aforementioned, longtime inspirations.

Muted Blue is the embodiment of my entire life’s musical journey, from 10+ years ago downloading my first song on my iPod to today pursuing an artist project. In the EP, you’ll find so many elements from the rock/alternative/punk bands I grew up listening to blended into the modern electronic/dance music themes that I have fallen in love with.” –Fells

Featured image: Nick Harrison & Jordan Sabillo