Flesh Queer Festival emerges as the UK’s first LGBTQ+ music and camping festival

Inviting all LGBTQ+ folks and allies, London’s Flesh Queer Festival is slated to host its inaugural iteration from May 28 – 29 at Springfield Farm in St Albans. Flesh Queer will feature performances from Rebekah, Object Blue, and Juliana Huxtable, as well as plenty of other acts, and has been launched to create lasting change in the electronic music industry through bookings that spam a broad spectrum of ethnicity, gender identity, and sexuality.

“The festival addresses long-term issues in festival programming, which is dominated by cis-male straight artists, breaking the cycle and allowing emerging and underrepresented talent to break through on a worldwide platform,” Flesh Queer organizers said in a statement.

Creating a safe space for people from all walks of life, Riposte London will host a sober tent which offers workshops, panels, and a place to comfortably share experiences in a calm environment. In addition to the on-site advantages, the event has launched an open call for on-the-rise QTIPOC (Queer, Transgender, Intersex, People of Color) to apply for scholarships to the London Sound Academy. Scholarship winners will also have the chance to perform at the festival. Those interested in applying can do so here before the February 3 deadline.

Tickets to the festival are now available for purchase on Flesh Queer’s website.

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