Flume teases collaboration with Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn in abstract new trailer

It’s official—new music from Flume is on the way in 2022. After making it known to fans that a new album is in the works back in April of 2021, the veteran Aussie visionary gave no further details regarding the project’s release date or potential collaborations. To keep tensions at bay, Flume has continued to pique fans’ excitement throughout the last two years with sensational remixes like his remix of Eiffel 65 once-inescapable “Blue,” and more recently, his remix of Danny L Harle’s “On A Mountain.“

Thankfully, fans now have confirmation that there will be new music coming this year, and perhaps even more riveting, a collaboration with Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn will be included in the upcoming catalogue. Emitting a new video teaser for the joint effort equipped with psychedelic optics, expertly crafted design, and Flume’s characteristically vibrant color scheme, it’s clear that the visual side of Flume and Gorillaz innate artistry is revving up for a comeback with full speed ahead.

This collaboration has been in circulation since late 2017 and brought back into fans’ line of sight in 2019 when Albarn took to Beats1 with confirmation that the two had been working together on an unknown, vaulted project. Now, five years later, it appears that the world will finally be hearing this coveted release—and hopefully sooner than later.

Featured image: Front Row Live Entertainment

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