Foreign Beggars' Ebow Graham dead after accident at home

Foreign Beggars founding member Ebow Enyan “Metropolis” Graham has died after an unspecified accident at his home, according to a tweet published by the English hip-hop/dubstep outlet. Fellow Foreign Beggars members paid tribute to Graham’s life and musical contributions in a Facebook post that delineated their unforgettable experiences with the MC during his tenure with the group.

We feel privileged to have spent most of our 20s and 30s in his company, enjoying life, making music, and travelling the world together.

As we process this, we find it hard to believe that we will never talk, share a joke, eat together, appreciate music, debate points of view, discuss the world, rock a crowd, or laugh together again.


Foreign Beggars have established a Just Giving account to collect donations for Graham’s son, Cassius, with a crowdfunding goal of £50,000.

Donate here.

Photo credit: Jamie Kendrick