Gorgon City share breathtaking Cercle performance of soaring new progressive track ‘Skywalk’

Gorgon City have released their immersive new single titled “Skywalk” via Cercle Records. As part of Cercle‘s new Cercle Stories series, the London duo partnered with visionary artist Michael Murphy and Samsung to perform their new progressive house single atop a circular, suspended installation at the Biokovo Skywalk in Croatia, made up of 11 state-of-the-art NeoQLED TVs.

“Skywalk” lands on the heels of the duo’s techno rework of PAX’s “Cosmic Kiss” from August, as well as Gorgon City’s lauded third released studio album, Olympia from earlier this summer. The new single’s ambient textures and sweeping grooves hypnotically synchronize with the breathtaking backdrop of the track’s namesake viewpoint. The five minute performance can streamed below, marking Cercle’s first foray into 8K video production.

Featured image: Marko Edge