Grammys partner with Berklee College and ASU for study on women in music

The Recording Academy announced their intent to partner with Berklee College of Music and Arizona State University to complete a study focused on promoting equal representation of women in music.

Prompting a timely move for International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, the organization’s annual Grammys award ceremony has been criticized over the years for awarding and nominating more men than women. As the 2021 Grammys prepare to air on March 14, the Academy revealed that among the 853 nominees across all 84 categories at this year’s show, only 198 or roughly 23%, identify as women.

The Academy has stated that the lack of female creators in music is “one of the most urgent issues in the industry today,” with a predominant skew towards male nominations in honors across not just performers, but also producers and engineers. Valeisha Butterfield Jones, the Academy’s Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion officer stated,

“Women are key drivers in the economy and across all business and creative sectors in music, globally, yet we reflect 2% of producers and engineers.”

The study is expected to be completed and released by early 2022. The organization says the data it collects “will be utilized to develop and empower the next generation of women music creators.” The Recording Academy plans to double the amount of female nominee voters by 2025; it has reached 33% of its goal with the addition of 831 women to its voting membership.

Featured image: MJ Photos/REX/Shutterstock