Hearing impaired DJ workshops to launch in London in 2022

Beginning in January of 2022, the Deaf Rave and Groove School will launch in-person DJ workshops specially designed for the hearing impaired. Founded by Troi “DJ Chinaman” Lee, Deaf Rave explained that these workshops will constitute the UK’s first DJ seminars for deaf people. On January 10, the first workshop will run from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. in Brixton, South London. Open to complete beginners, Deaf Rave seeks to provide their hearing impaired students an immersive and educational way to advance their DJ skillsets.

Deaf Rave and Groove School garnered generous support and funding from Arts Council England to make these workshops possible. Those interested should DM Deaf Rave on Instagram to sign up, or browse their profile for more information.

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Featured image: Deaf Rave

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