Ibiza’s beaches could be gone in less than 80 years due to climate change

Flooding of Ibiza‘s beaches could make the White Isle’s iconic shoreline disappear by the year 2100, according to a report from Frontiers Science News. Scientists modeling the sea level rise predicted the loss of 56 – 65% of the current shoreline in the Balearic Islands depending on the global warming scenario. They also estimate that 84 – 86% of the beach will be flooded due to extreme weather conditions.

Miguel Agulles, an author of the study and a PhD student at the Oceanographic Center of the Balearic Islands and the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studios on Majorca said,

“Much of the income of touristic regions in the Mediterranean comes from beach and sun tourism: more than 25% in the case of the Balearic Islands. This means that it is essential to predict the fate of these beaches under climate change. Here we show that climate change will lead to the permanent loss of more than 50% of the beach surface, rising up to more than 80% during storm conditions.”

From Ushuaia and Hï Ibiza to Pacha and Nikki Beach, some of dance music’s most hallowed grounds could be at risk now, and altogether gone by the end of the century.

H/T: Frontiers Science News

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