James Blake among first speakers announced for ADE's digital conference

The first speakers for ADE 2020’s digital conference have been announced. Chief among them is James Blake, who will be chatting with mental health expert Jennie Morton about the pressures of a demanding artistic lifestyle and the latent connections between the creative process and mental health conditions like depression. Other guests among the first wave of ADE speakers include Bandcamp’s Aly Gillani and the “queen of sample clearance,” Deborah Mannis-Gardner.

In addition to ADE Digital, organizers of the mainstay Amsterdam festival have also announced a limited series of in-person events under the ADE Specials banner. Planned at venues like Bimhuis, Concertgebouw, Melkweg, and Paradiso, some of the grandest and more esteemed venues in the Dutch city, ADE Specials includes cross-cultural projects and seated concerts designed to fit the city’s current coronavirus ordinances.

However, ADE coordinators recognize that the majority of the event’s 400,000 international attendees are unable to make the trek this year, and will consequently offer a variety of free content online, from DJ sets and studio tours to masterclasses and conferences.

Head over to ADE’s official website for the more information and tickets to this year’s online event.

Featured image: ADE