Judge orders Kaskade to release financial records following KAOS lawsuit subpoena

Last year, Las Vegas was treated to a glorious seven months of KAOS nightclub. The pièce de résistance of the Palms Casino Resort’s $690 million renovations, KAOS boasted residencies from A-list performers such as Skrillex, Marshmello, Cardi B, and Kaskade. Unfortunately, operation costs proved to be overwhelmingly expensive, forcing the luxury club to close its doors and terminate its contracts.

Shortly thereafter, international sensation Kaskade filed a lawsuit against FP Holdings, the company behind the resort, for failing to compensate him for the 40 unperformed shows in his 60 show deal. The company instead offered to pay only for the three performances scheduled in the month of October before KAOS ultimately closed in November.

As the lawsuit progressed, FP Holdings subpoenaed Kaskade’s financial records for the time period that he was originally supposed to be under contract with KAOS, claiming that all damages from the termination of the contract ought to be recouped from substitute shows that took place at competitors’ clubs and festivals. In light of the order, Kaskade will now be expected to present the relevant records.

Kaskade’s attorney Alex L. Fugazzi argued that the request was, “overbroad and unduly burdensome,” and irrelevant in the content of the lawsuit. U.S. magistrate judge Nancy J. Koppe disagreed, and records detailing the financial terms of KAOS nightclub’s contract with Kaskade were made public. Terms showed that Kaskade earned $214,000 each night that he performed at the club, and with 37 shows outstanding and unpaid, and the club closed, Kaskade claims he is still owed $7.95 million.

In her ruling, the judge also ordered Kaskade to pay the resort’s legal fees generated during the lawsuit. She stated,

“Whether Kaskade disputes the soundness of the mitigation defense in substance is not pertinent to whether he could appropriately withhold discovery.”

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