Leaked government documents reveal UK nightclubs could reopen with strict 'entry requirements'

As the summer months near, COVID-19 restrictions around the world have begun to relax. Every country has had their own response to restriction lifts, and the United Kingdom is the latest to consider what a “phase two” of reopenings might look like for the country. A new set of leaked government documents outline the country’s new guidance concerning pubs, restaurants, hotels, and gyms. The largest headline reveals that the country’s two-meter rule will be relaxed and that pubs, cafes, and restaurants will be able to reopen on July 4.

While a challenging subject to tackle, the documents from the government and hospitality industry do mention that clubs across the country could reopen with “entry checks.” This would include temperature checks, hand sanitization, and socially-distanced lines upon entry.

While the details surrounding club reopening and entry requirements are far less extensive than other sectors such as restaurants and hotels, the inclusion of nightclubs as a sector that will and needs to be addressed stands as a positive sign.

H/T: The Times Featured image: Billboard