Major Lazer and Marcus Mumford enlist artists across the world for 'Lay Your Head On Me' visual

Major Lazer has released a collaborative new music video to accompany the group’s recent Marcus Mumford collaboration “Lay Your Head On Me.” The artists enlisted director Filip Nilsson for the video, which is comprised of 177 clips from 28 different countries. Nilsson reached out to artists with a simple request: “Do your best, it doesn’t need to be perfect. Be yourself. We like you as you are.” They then cut together a video with people dancing from all over the world, separated by clips of Mumford playing the guitar and singing.

“When we started working with this simple idea over a month ago COVID-19 had just started to get a grip of the world,” Nilsson says. “During these weeks we have seen tapes from people all over the world. The response was way more than could have been expected and it was amazing to see the different interpretations of what we requested from people. It’s so touching that all these people took the time to learn the dance routine or to play the music in such a short amount of time. The positivity and honest love they shared is something I really wanted to come through in this video.”

The video is a colorful collection of people all over the globe dancing and celebrating in the midst of a difficult time. Major Lazer’s recent folk-inspired crossover cut, and its new video, serve as the perfect mood lifter as we continue to socially distance ourselves across the globe. Watch below.