Massano’s ‘The Theory’ EP kicks off new label Simulate

It’s been a long time coming but The Theory has officially arrived to mark the launch of Massano‘s brand new record label, Simulate. Massano has established himself as one of the most exciting young producers in the melodic techno space and a regular on Dancing Astronaut’s 2022 Label of the Year, rising to fame when In My System became Afterlife‘s most popular EP of 2022. With his first release dating back to just 2020, Massano has reached the tipping point of his career and his new Simulate imprint certain adds to that.

Speaking on The Theory, Massano explained that “these tracks are about using digital and futuristic sounds to create aggressive yet energetic and emotional moments that can be enjoyed both on the dancefloor and at home.” A three-track EP, The Theory includes a diverse range of tracks on his debut Simulate project. “Alone” recruits the captivating vocals off Braev while “Paranoia” comes as a simplistic, melodic record. And by far Massano’s most requested track of the last year, “The Blaze” showcases a destructive bassline with distorted synths. Featuring club-ready anthems and soothing vocals, The Theory is available to stream below.

Featured image: Massano/IG