Medii’s serendipitous meeting on SoundCloud leads to release of ‘Wonderland’ featuring Elle Vee

Medii is an electronic music duo comprising Ari Kyle, who is based in Los Angeles, and Adam Lilley, who is based in London. The two met serendipitously on SoundCloud when they shared an appreciation for each other’s work. Upon discovering that they were both associated with the same label, they began collaborating online, despite the distance between them.
Over time, they found that they had similar views on music production and the music industry. They decided to meet in person, and during their meeting, they hit it off and began working on music together. The result of this collaboration is “Wonderland,” their latest release featuring singer-songwriter Elle Vee.
The track showcases their shared vision for music production and their attention to detail, highlighting their proficiency in their craft. The serendipitous meeting between the two producers is a testament to the power of online connections and the potential for collaboration across distances.