Music-driven NFT community MusicFund gears up for official launch

Early 2021 saw non-fungible tokens pervade pop culture, traded mostly on the Ethereum blockchain. As interest in NFTs continues to surge, a novel NFT community designed for artists and music-lovers—MusicFund—is entering the landscape.

In an effort to transcend the constraints of traditional funding models, through company-generated tokens, MusicFund will dictate buyers’ abilities to attend exclusive events—such as digital/in-person concerts and music industry panels—and vote on the allocation of community funding, disrupting the hierarchical record business.

Mark Dawson, one of MusicFund’s co-founders, told Dancing Astronaut,

“We started MusicFund because we love music and we love crypto. We want to bring the best people in both those worlds into a community.”

Expect MusicFund’s community to grow rapidly come October 4. In the meantime, join the company discord, browse the MusicFund website, and check out the community on Instagram and Twitter.

Featured image: MusicFund