New Avicii documentary feature set for 2023 release

Between the timeless seal on his music and his obvious influence on today’s crop of producers, Avicii still remains ever-present within the dance music space. Moreover, his father, Klas Bergling, has taken it upon himself to carry his son’s legacy by way of the Tim Bergling Foundation, bringing awareness to the often stigmatized issues that burdened Avicii toward the latter part of his life, as well as millions of others. Now, a new documentary is set to land in 2023, chronicling the Swedish superstar’s meteoric rise and the pressures that came along with being the sound of a new generation. The yet-to-be-named documentary project aims to look at the “music and the artist who defined an era and changed the world of music forever, and is an up-close, intimate, and epic story about [Avicii’s] unparalleled successes and his struggles to cope with the pressure.”

The forthcoming doc, shot by Swedish director Henrik Burman and produced by Swedish director Björn Tjärnberg in conjunction with Swedish National Television, won’t be the first about Tim Bergling’s life. While 2017’s controversial Netflix-championed True Stories gave an inside look at Bergling’s mental and physical health collapsing in what turned out to be near the end of Bergling’s life, Burman’s vision for the film skews in a much more positive direction. Says Burman,

“My goal is to provide an honest and new perspective on both the artist Avicii and Tim’s life. I want this to be a film that surprises the audience and challenges the public’s image of Sweden’s biggest international artist of today and, in doing so, also shine a light on what his music has meant to so many people.”

The upcoming feature will include newly produced interviews with Bergling’s family, friends, colleagues and contemporaries, as well as never-before-seen footage of Avicii himself. An official release date has yet to be announced.

H/T: Billboard

Featured image: Rolling Stone