New Music Video: Justin S. Grant – “Fuego N’ Ice”

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Justin S. Grant shares an exciting new single titled “Fuego N’ Ice” with steamy visuals that match the song’s vibe. “Fuego N’ Ice” is all about Justin having the time of his life in a bar with a magnificent female creature seducing him throughout the night. This delicate mix of pop, rap and rock over an upbeat soundtrack proves to be the ideal fusion to awaken the party animal buried within each of us. Featuring a powerful chorus, “Fuego N’ Ice” is a nocturnal track that comes following-up to Grant’s previous hits including “Don’t Go!,” “Let It Be,” “Run Away,” and “@ddicted To Mi Phone.” Each of Justin S. Grant’s singles feature distinct styles, genres, and moods, never straining for effect and yet always entertaining and exciting. 

“Fuego N’ Ice” is undoubtedly one of his most addictive singles to date, and for those who enjoy hot and humid visuals, make sure to watch the impressive music video Justin S. Grant has released alongside the song.