Not your typical collaboration: watch ZEDD guest on Gordon Ramsay's 'Scrambled'

“Shave It Up?” More like serve it up. In an unusual collaboration inside Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen, Zedd partners with the British celebrity chef to craft a breakfast sandwich during his recent guest appearance on Ramsay’s YouTube series, Scrambled.

A more muted version of the Ramsay that food preparation aficionados know from Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares patiently trains Zedd in the art of breakfast as the pair trade insights on cooking and music production. From the nerves that Zedd initially felt before his first performance as a resident at Las Vegas’ Omnia Nightclub to the foolproof fundamentals of mastering fluffy scrambled eggs, this episode of Scrambled feeds viewers’ appetites for a peek inside the respective minds of two pop-culture icons.

Not your typical collaboration: Watch Zedd guest on Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Scrambled’Annotation 2020 04 17 113843

Featured image: Rukes