Pioneer introduces new battle-style DDJ-REV controllers

Fresh off the launch of the XDJ-RX3, Pioneer’s latest all-purposeful standalone unit, the Japanese manufacturer has unveiled two new controllers. A short teaser video on Facebook briefly showcased the never-before-seen DDJ-REV units, emphasizing the phrase, “Get Ready for the Revolution.” On January 13, Pioneer officially introduced the entry-level DDJ-REV1 and its pro-model counterpart, the DDJ-REV7, detailing both units’ battle-style controller layouts.

Geared toward battle DJs who engage in tactile cutting and scratching, the DDJ-REV7 offers seven-inch motorized jog wheels with LCD On Jog Displays. Compatible with Serato DJ, the pro-level unit emulates a professional DJM-S mixer and PLX turntable setup. That said, the DDJ-REV1 caters to entry-level scratch DJs. Compatible with Serato DJ Lite software, this simplified two-channel controller boasts a user-friendly interface designed for novices.

Both units also offer live-streaming capabilities. The DDJ-REV1 ($259) should be available for purchase by the end of January, while the DDJ-REV7 ($1,899) awaits a release date in February.

Featured image: Pioneer DJ

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