Re-opening South Korea's nightclub scene sparks fresh COVID-19 outbreak

It was a little too much too soon, as South Korea reinstates certain social provisions following a COVID-19 breakout in Seoul’s recently re-opened nightclub scene.

So far, 102 new cases of coronavirus have been traced back to a single individual who bounced between a total of five nightclubs and bars after the provisions were lifted earlier this month. As a result, government officials have called for bars and nightclubs to be closed for an additional 30 days.

“We believe we will have another community infection,” said Vice Health Minister Kim Gang-lip at a weekend press briefing. “The spread took place in enclosed and crowded spaces. Transmission with no known source of infection can lead to a widespread cluster infection and that is why the government is not letting its guard down.”

The man believed to have started the cluster outbreak showed no symptoms, further emphasizing the point to remain cautious of contact with others regardless of current health status. The results of the community outbreak are still unfolding, but officials believe he may have been in contact with over 1,500 people.

H/T: NPR, Newsweek