Serato Studio offers free version of DJ-centric production software

Serato has released a free version of its DJ-centric digital audio workstation with its 1.4.4 update, giving those looking to improve their production and mixing skills a new tool during this downtime.

The free edition has its limits, such as the amount of audio tracks users can load at a time, but does enable the core process of producing, saving, and exporting original content for those looking to expand their creative resume. According to chief strategy officer Nick Maclaren, Serato is looking to “offer the best tool for people to start making beats and DJ edits,” allowing DJs and producers alike to “just load up an acapella or full track to chop up, make a mashup, or create a quick intro edit so it’s ready for your DJ sets.”

The latest update to the beat-making software brings a handful of other improvements to the full edition, including an auto-chord function, quantized cue points, and a “feel” mode to bring a bit of smooth soul into the mix. While these are limited from the free version, new users can still expect it to be a great example of the power under the hood. The full version of Serato Studio is either $199 up front, or a $10-per-month subscription, but the free edition can be downloaded here.

Photo credit: Jon Turi / Engadget