Socially distanced music festival to take place in Ireland next month

The organizers behind Stendhal Festival have shared plans for the first socially distanced music festival in the United Kingdom. Titled “Unlocked,” the North Ireland event series will take place from August 21 – 22 and 28 – 29, with three additional dates potentially in the pipeline. The festival will be subject to government policies as well as lockdown restrictions that may occur within the timeframe of its intended dates. Unlocked will mark the first festival of its size to take place since the initial outbreak of coronavirus.

The current proposal details social distancing rules, extra precautions, and strict hygiene guidelines including alcohol allowances, temperature checks, and an abundance of sanitizing stations. Camp plots will be limited to two people from the same household or to social support bubbles.

Unlocked aims to welcome 500 to 1000 people in August, but will only initially release 250 tickets. Tickets go on sale July 4. More information is available here.

Featured image: aLIVE Coverage