South Korea re-opens nightclubs as domestic COVID-19 threat descales

With COVID-19 on the decline in South Korea, nightclubs across the country have started to re-open. Ample testing and thorough social distancing procedures seem to have been successful, as this week South Korea reported no new domestic cases for the first time in months.

Social distancing measures in the country remain in place, but have recently loosened up, allowing for updated provisions for social events like nightclubs, churches, and sports venues. Things aren’t back to status-quo yet, however, as these events have committed to restricted capacity and a “No Mask, No Entry” door policy.

These are the fruits of South Korea aggressively flattening the pandemic’s curve, with innovative methods such as contract tracing through GPS technology allowing tracking of the virus in real time.

H/T: The Guardian

Featured image: Kelli Bee Photography