Spain distributes culture vouchers to all 18-year-olds for festivals, music, art, and more

Recently, Spain’s Council of Ministries passed the Youth Cultural Bonus plan, which allows 18-year-olds across the country to receive €400 ($446) culture vouchers to spend on the arts. Recipients have one year to spend their vouchers, and can put the money towards festivals and events, vinyl, digital art, books, and more. According to new data, the cultural sector in Spain experienced a 15.8 percent decline in spending since 2020 and this, these newly approved vouchers intend to offset the effects the pandemic has had on the arts and creative industries.

“The Youth Cultural Voucher project seeks to facilitate universal and diversified access to culture for young people, generate new habits of cultural consumption and strengthen existing ones, create new audiences, stimulate demand and reduce the negative impact caused by the pandemic on various cultural sectors in our country,” states the official Spanish government website.

Other countries such as France and Italy have already been implementing similar plans for their creator economies, which are already proving to be successful programs.

H/T: Catalan News

Featured image: Fernando Schlaepfer

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