Watch Baauer live-remix Future and Young Thug's 'Harlem Shake' on newly unearthed Twitch channel

We’re watching the livestreaming landscape change before our eyes. In an increasingly digital world, artists and creators are flocking to streaming platforms to give fans inside looks at the processes behind their craft, from production tutorials to free-form studio sessions. Recently, Baauer‘s Twitch channel was quietly unearthed, revealing a trove of live production streams and real-time remix sessions from the PLANET’S MAD producer.

With Baauer’s sophomore LP now underway, he’s keeping the creative energy flowing by stretching his legs on live remix sessions that fans can tune into in real time. For his latest unofficial remix, Baauer takes on Future and Young Thug‘s “Harlem Shake” from Future’s new LP, High Off Life. A full-circle, tongue-in-cheek swing for Baauer, whose career jumpstarted with the viral take off of his own “Harlem Shake” nearly a decade ago, the new remix shows off the Aa producer’s fearless studio dexterity and reaffirms his genre-defying appeal as his highly anticipated new album inches closer. Baauer’s true allure as a producer has always been rooted in his brazen brand of experimental crossover works, and watching him—in real time—bring his distinguished studio acumen to a remix project is both fascinating and fun to watch at the same time.

See Baauer take on (someone else’s) “Harlem Shake” below, and explore his new Twitch page here—there’s plenty more to surf through ahead of PLANET’S MAD, landing via LuckyMe on June 6.