William Black continues album rollout with ‘Beautiful Nothing’ alongside Fairlane, gavn!

William Black is continuing the rollout of his upcoming album. Following the currently unnamed album’s lead single—”Last Forever” with Jordan Shaw—and being a part of a slew of IDs played out during his Ultra set this past March, “Beautiful Nothing” now enters alongside Fairlane and gavn! to further preview what’s to come on Black’s Pieces sequel on Lowly.

“Beautiful Nothing” tells a story about discovering the beauty and freedom that comes with acknowledging the meaninglessness of life, extending the rock-heavy influence from “Last Forever” that’s combined with his signature bass sound and creating a record that simultaneously feels both nostalgic and forward-thinking. Fairlane explained that “by stepping into the ‘nothingness,’ we are liberated from anything that may have previously held us back, allowing us to become whatever we want to be.” Listen to William Black, Fairlane and gavn!’s new single “Beautiful Nothing” below, which is out now via Lowly.

Featured image: Colin Patrick