ZHU's new album is finished – Mix Session ZHU's new album is finished

Just two days into 2021, ZHU sent out a smoke signal on socials—he was working on a new album. Now, just a little over two months after this initial tip, ZHU’s anonymous project is complete.

Distinguished on Mix Session‘s roster of 17 of the most-anticipated albums of 2021, the successor to 2018’s Ringo’s Desert remains elusive; nothing more about the long-form is presently known, other than its status—”finished.” Though more details about the LP will assuredly soon spill forth in the acutely stylized fashion that’s long been part of ZHU’s marketing signature, listeners can expect a polished junior product from a producer whose capacity to fascinate seems never to falter.

As his fanbase awaits ZHU’s next candidate for heavy rotation, they can turn their attention to the Generationwhy album maker’s climactic back-to-back set alongside NGHTMRE at Digital Mirage Friendsgiving, a fond fixture of the recent rearview. That ZHU has all but cleared his Instagram page, presumably making room for album-related content, suggests that further context just might come sooner than expected.

Featured image: Jeff Kravitz