What can be said about that doesn’t cover in his introduction to the Miami-based veteran selector’s debut Essential Mix? Hailed by the host as, “one the most technically gifted DJs, ever,” Tong goes on to highlight Craze’s three consecutive DMC world champion crownings, undoubtedly solidifying the  founder’s spot in the highest echelons the DJ ring honor. From there, the turntablist quickly descends into two hours elbow-throwing trap, hip-hop, and breaks spanning a spectrum that covers to Vince Staples, to with so much in between.

Craze’s Essential Mix leaves no room for subtlety –– fake DJs should feel personally attacked. Putting on a rare lesson in “real DJing,” Craze has clearly forgotten more about Technics than most pressional DJs will ever learn in their lifetimes.

Cuts from  and Mobb Deep seamlessly rub shoulders with material from , , and, all weaved together with masterful, flawless scratch routines. Craze reiterates exactly why he’s unequivocally carried the scratch DJing torch throughout his decorated career, dropping f one the sharpest Essential Mixes recent memory.

Good Morning Mix: DJ Craze graces the Essential Mix decks with one  the most technically impressive DJ sets  the year