Conspiracy theories have been running wild around the disappearance the second from Grum, “Deep State”. Announced late in 2018, the vanished. While he cannot confirm nor deny some the more colorful theories around the album’s withdrawal, Grum and Anjunabeats are pleased to announce that “Deep State” is back, revamped for 2019.

The 10 tracks “Deep State” mirror the light and dark moments the unsettling times we live in. The album is a showcase Grum’s ability to craft pitch-black progressive and immersive vocal pop, fering a refined take on the current state progressive trance. These reflections can be easily captured while listening to the throwback 90s rave vibes “Stay” and the adrenaline-pumping synths “Altered State”; both are my personal favorites from the album.

Grum’s LP “Deep State” is available today Anjunabeats!

Title photo credit: Dan Reid