Drum and Bass aficionado Halogenix has prepared his first under the moniker his pseudo side project Lordel, aptly named Lordel. Liberated from any kind artistic limitations or expectations as he introduces listeners to fresh work, Halogenix is eager to make a statement with this EP and show fans that he has plenty stories to tell through many genres. Lordel is out now ’s Deadbeats imprint. With a sound self-described as raw, organic, and melancholy, this EP serves as the perfect introduction to the Lordel project. Previously a founding member Ivy Lab, Halogenix demonstrates his skills as a producer across all 6 tracks, masterfully weaving through hip hop, downtempo, and beats. Filled with sonic synths, creeping melodies, and invasive percussion, Halogenix is opening the door to yet another memorable chapter in his long and diverse career.