Remember the days combing your favorite music blogs for brand new tunes, years before the DSP arms race began, circa 2010? Perhaps not…that era seems like ancient history now. However, for those who do recall that time fondly, is finally tossing out a long awaited piece blog-era nostalgia with his elusive “Foxy Boxing,” which is now getting an ficial release after more than half a decade online bootleg circulation. The Scottish beat maker is giving the rare tune away now, though fans have been salivating over this track’s release since 2011, when fellow labelmate Jacques Greene dropped an early, unreleased rendition “Foxy Boxing” during a set.

The track, in its ficial, final version plays as an easily digestible instrumental with subtle vocalizing weaved into crisp multi-layered percussion arrangements. HudMo’s new, old giveaway is being released part LuckyMe’s Advent Calendar series.






Hudson Mohawke gives away elusive new tune, 'Foxy Boxer'