Most the world discovered Galestian from the 2017 underground hit “Tell Me.” However, 2019 has been his biggest year yet after his third release on Perfecto Black, which featured a collaboration with none other than the label head and dance music icon Paul Oakenfold. Galestian is honing in on his tribal, worldly sound, and after recently moving to Berlin, an underground dance hotspot, he's developing a surplus momentum.

Immanence / A Sudden Insight by Galestian

Finishing the year f in style, Galestian makes his debut on Freegrant Music with the Immanence / A Sudden Impact . Both tracks provide a hearty helping progressive, ambient beats, wading slightly into the techno realm and subtly creating dramatic climaxes with the use eastern-inspired instruments and vocals.  Without a doubt, this is some Galestian's best-mixed work yet, as each element stands out beautifully. Keep this man on your radar.