Denver-based project Waxcat unveiled their newest fering to the indie-electronic crossover world, “Head Rush.” The single is out Comisar Records.

A band that has found their own unique niche, Waxcat combines sonic psychedelic sounds with heavy bass influences to create their own stylistic sound. “Head Rush” sees buttery smooth melodies laid atop funky guitar riffs, all blended together with dynamic synths.

“Inspired by the headrush inspiration. Jake, Nick, and Chris wrote the song to capture the ‘Head Rush’ everybody chases, and the lyrics reflect that.” – Waxcat

Waxcat, comprised Nick Nord (guitar), Chris Comisar (producer), Jake Meyers (vocal), all bring something vastly different to the table and together, their undeniable passion for music shines through in their past three music releases so far. In an unlikely story events where coincidence played a huge part, the three converged in Denver to pursue the music they live to make. Together, they incorporate influences from artists such as GRiZ, Louis Futon, TOOL, Pink Floyd and more as they continue to rise to the top Colorado’s electronic music scene.