Kanye West just named Pusha T, his 2010 signee and former one-half of The Clipse, as the president of G.O.O.D. Music, making this the perfect time to unearth this precious video clip. Just before Pusha was set to release his solo debut album, My Name Is My Name, in October of 2013, he hosted a listening party in NYC that The Source was present for. No one knew just what was about to happen.

Kanye West showed up, got knowingly got very drunk—“I’m [inaudible] off that Goose right now!”—and unleashed an almost mythical rant, crediting Pusha T for several of today’s music and fashion trends, and praising “that first Clipse album.” The signature moment? “Everything is Pusha T!” A declaration that would soon become a U.S. trending topic, and a Play Cloths t-shirt. Re-live it above with SourceTV.