New Zealand based producer La Felix has provided fans with a vast array music throughout 2019, all which has been pretty on point. His latest drop is a glasscat-featured electronic infused funk delight that will make you feel good. The overall airy and upbeat vibe is the perfect tune to warm up your day, even if it may be chilly wherever you are at the current moment shout out to Fall's unpredictable weather]. Big vibes on this one, and I am loving that! Check out a quote form the artist below and under that stream “Healing” by La Felix featuring glasscat.

“The vocals for “Healing” were actually written separately by Catherine and glued with another track I had made previously. I felt the vibe was f, so I started from scratch and created the instrumental based f her recording. Trying to match the vibe and mood was actually quite difficult and took a couple attempts but I think I got there in the end!” – La Felx