Lena Leon blew us away after the first listen. The lush melodies and savory production gives the song and ethereal feeling. Lana Leon is definitely an artist to keep your eyes on as we head into 2020. If you like what you heard be sure to give her back catalogue and discography a closer listen because there are definitely some jams in there. Looks no further if you’re looking for some pop music bops! Here’s a bit what the artist had to say about “I’m Not”:

“Everyone who’s been through a breakup and gone through a denial stage can relate to “I’m Not.” Sometimes it’s easier to bury emotions and pretend like the person they loved never existed in order to start the process moving on. It’s crazy that this happens to so many people, and there are so few that really address it, so I felt like it was important to do it justice and draw from my own life experiences.”